Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It was such a sweet treat to be one of the recipients of a give away at ETC. Wasn't that so nice of them? If winning weren't enough, I got to select whatever images tickled my fancy.---(giggle)

Well, I was and am totaly in love with the 'Songsheet Bird Printable' image (more blogging coming with that one, I PROMISE!), 'Getting Sentimental', and 'The Lord is My Shepherd'. Thanks, ETC!!

For my first 'play-date' with these I chose the "Getting Sentimental" set. I began by painting an Altoid tin white, 'cause that's just the shabby girl that I am!---LOL!! Then I stuffed the little tin with heart candies that are filling the shelves in the stores. I made a wrapper/sleeve for it and tied it with ribbon.

Wouldn't these make great party favors?