Friday, February 29, 2008

Feline Friday

Here's another "Feline Friday" card and the verse that I chose to go with it.

Enjoy what's left of Friday!


Thursday, February 28, 2008

RAK WINNER Announced

Congratulations Trish, YOU'RE the Winner!!

I'll be mailing your little mystery goodies out to you.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It ends tonight, so scroll down!!!!


Trying to do a "Julia" card justice

I love ALL the cards that Julia Stainton makes. (She's book marked on the right there, under "All Things Beautiful",- Belle Papier) She is SO creative and I love here classy style! So I decided to give one of her cards a try. I had a lot of scraps laying around that were left over from various projects, and I was just in the mood for playing. I don't have near the creative touch that she has, but it's always fun to just "muck a'bout" in my craft room. So here's my little version, not as good as Julia's but I hope you like it.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

This just makes me happy to look at!!!

I just had to pick up this fabric at Wal-mart last night in my travels. I am a sucker for anything with Damask!!! It's black on a really nice heavy canvas type material. Good and sturdy!! I don't even know what I will do with it yet. I've thought of covering my scrapbooking chair with it, or maybe even doing a little altered scrapbooking art with it, similar to Donna Downey's little FABULOUS kit. For now, it's thrown over my chair making me quiet happy just to look at it. If I DO end up getting around to doing anything with it, you know I WILL POST IT!!



Feline Friday

I was intending on posting this yesterday. Makes sense right, Feline FRIDAY. I was so wonderfully blessed to see how the Lord works, that I just had to share this. I have made a promise to pray for a lady I know everyday for the next year. ( Who couldn't use a little pick'me up, right?)I figured I would make a special card for her once a week. I incorporated the deck of cards that I have been seeing people do. SO I head to the dollar store to pick one up. I thought it would be nice to put a verse on the card too. So I found a deck with a cute little kitty cat on it. That's a no brainer, she loves kitties!!! "I'll take one of those!!" I said. Then I head of to the local scrap store, trying to find anything to do with cats for the cards I'll make over the next year. Now, I don't know anyone who doesn't love a good bargain!!! Well with all the new products coming in, they gotta get rid of some stuff right!? They have a 70% off section. Gotta love that, right?!!! So what do I find but a quiet a few goodies with kitty cat images, quotes, etc... I was so BLESSED!!! And if that weren't enough, they then took an additional 25% off!!! Are you seeing the blessing too? So now I think I have what I need to make all the cards. I don't know if I'll post every one that I do, but here's the first one and all the goodies I got from the 70% of section.
I love it when the Lord works things out so perfectly, and this isn't the first time. I know it won't be the last too!!

International Friendship RAK

Up first is a mystery RAK!!! That's right, I am not even going to tell you what it is!! The requirements for this RAK is to leave me a few lines in the comment section, and tell me the nicest thing one of your friends has ever done for you. (Since February is National Friendship month)

Friends are a dear part of our lives, wouldn't you agree!! Where would I be if I didn't have a few good friends to laugh with, cry with, pray with. What a blessed reminder it is to know we are not alone in the world! I would have a hard time picking just one moment in my life where I have been blessed by my friends. But there are a few that stand out in my mind. I'll pick one and share my story with you when I pick and announce a winner. I'll pick a winner on Wednesday and announce it, and then get the goodies out to the winner.

Can't wait to read your stories!


"Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up."
Friendship Day Quotes by: Bible: Ecclesiastes

A Prayer for a Friend

Dear Lord,
If I could only be,
Worthy of one wish from Thee.
I would not ask for wealth or fame--
For I have more in Jesus' Name;
I would nor ask for homes and lands--
My treasures lie in Jesus' hands;
I would not ask for health or food--
For thou dost give me all that's good;
But I would that I could see,
Just how the greatest friend to be
To one Thou'st given me to love,
Both here and in our Home above--
That, Lord, the love Thou hast given me
Might fill his life and soul, that he
Will never question, never fear,
My love for him is just veneer--
But man each time I clasp his hand,
Feel friendship true, and understand
That of Thy many gifts I see,
He is a precious one to me.

Friday, February 15, 2008

New Banner

So, what do you think of my new banner??

I'll be back with something special stay tunned,hehe!


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Third layout

So happy to get another page done! {As my other son says,"Mommy, where's mine?"} I just chuckled. I guess I should do one for him next. They really love seeing their pictures done this way. Makes 'em feel pretty special, even though they already are.

This was another fun one to make. I had to crack open my new Serendipity order. Love the blues in this pack!!! But I don't like it when I am working well, and my block drops out of my hand and onto the layout. AHHH! So I had to stamp my capital 'H' where it is. Maybe you can't see it, but I know it's there. Sometimes unintended happenings create better art than you originally intended. {this wasn't one of those times} And sometimes you just have to live with the mistake.

Journaling read: A good nap always did you well! You were not a grumpy little boy....but a good nap always had you up and ready to GO again...It was always fun to come and get you up and out of your crib....I love my little boy. {MOM}

Friday, February 1, 2008

Before I call it a night.....

I want to share a layout I just finished. I love these pictures of my little darling. I remember back to these days. Those shoes, they were like a size 2 or something. SO small. She's in much bigger shoes now. These pictures just remind me of the priveldge and delight of being her mom.

{I had to incorporate the little buckle on her shoes somehow. So I took a chipboard ribbon slide from Close to My Heart and embossed it in silver. I think it did the trick.}

Have a great night, mine is ending.


A fun reason to post.

Well, I've not posted in a little while, we all had the sickies!!! We were just completely drained. And we lost about 4 days of school. And can I say just how hard it is to get up and get going again. We had 4 days of school to get caught up on, and get the house all back together. Thankfully there wasn't much laundry as we had spent the sick days in our PJ's. Always something to be thankful for, right?
Visiting other paper fanatics and their blogs is a lot of fun. Which leads me to where I am going. Erin over at is looking for some "masculine" cards. So this just makes it so easy for me to pick something to share. (like easy). One was done for my Husband, son, and the other, well it's a no brainer, it only says "DAD" on it!! LOL.
So thanks Erin, for a fun reason to post.