Friday, February 1, 2008

A fun reason to post.

Well, I've not posted in a little while, we all had the sickies!!! We were just completely drained. And we lost about 4 days of school. And can I say just how hard it is to get up and get going again. We had 4 days of school to get caught up on, and get the house all back together. Thankfully there wasn't much laundry as we had spent the sick days in our PJ's. Always something to be thankful for, right?
Visiting other paper fanatics and their blogs is a lot of fun. Which leads me to where I am going. Erin over at is looking for some "masculine" cards. So this just makes it so easy for me to pick something to share. (like easy). One was done for my Husband, son, and the other, well it's a no brainer, it only says "DAD" on it!! LOL.
So thanks Erin, for a fun reason to post.


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Julia Stainton said...

Love these cards! So fun and great layouts!