Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some more Home Decor.

This is just one of those things that HAD to get done. I have been wanting to do a layout of my Grandmother's bible for awhile now. Then the other day, I was inspired to make some sort of 'visual' reminder to read more of my Bible and grow more spiritually. Somehow I managed to combine the two and I am glad I did.
I managed to place the Bible in the frame in a none permanent way. I cut off the ends to a clear card box, and slid it in. I had so much fun making a "Skrinky Dink" frame to accentuate one of the verses I wanted to Highlight. As you can see, I also had too much fun putting flowers and a Tag over the top as well. I used an imaged from the Thomas Kinkade line from none other that Cornish Heritage Farms. (reminder to self to get this bookmarked). This image reminds me to spend "much time in secret".
I also used the Vintage Ledger from CHF (probably one of my favorites), and wrote down all the verses that I want to memorize and bring it all together for me.
There's a few images here, trying to capture it the best I can.

I will probably have some more home decor items soon too, if I can manage to get some time to work on them.

Blessings on a wonderful evening, and thanks for stopping in again.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Isn't it lovely?!

I totally love everything Shabby!!
I picked this up this old window frame in my travels some years ago. (actually, I have a few) I can't part with them! This one in particular, it was just a nice size. Well, I am I ever glad I kept it. It is going to be my source of inspiration for the coming year, it will (hopefully) keep me organized with my scrapbooking for this next coming year too. Most importantly, I hope it will keep me focused and balanced, and remind me of the important things too.
As you can see, I changed it from a window frame into a calendar. I decided to start with Jan, not just because it's the first month of the year, but because I was inspired to do so. This one just seemed to come a little easier than the others right now. I also don't need to do all of the months right away, kinda makes it more fun that way. I think I will have a pile of fun decorating these, it's gonna be a great way to try some techniques I have been wanting to try as well. The best part I think though, is getting over my paper hoarding problem. You know, buying paper you like, and then too afraid to cut it up, 'fraid you won't have anymore of it. Well, now I just get to look at it ALL YEAR LONG! That was enough to help me cut it up, use it, and then look at it.
I used one of my favorite snowy scenes from Thomas Kinkade.( made by Cornish Heritage Farms, doing this now, I might NEED some more images,lol) It was a snowy night scene, and made me feel like staying inside, nice and warm. Starying up late and ringing in the new year with my family.
The Vintage Ledger, 6x6 Scrapblock, (by Cornish Heritage Farms) was used to do my little squares. I think it's pretty Shabby!
I also used my 'Magic Moments' from Close to My Heart. I love the clock for the same reason I have said before, I can 'SET' the time for anytime I want. In this case, just before you start to 'count down', 10, 9, 8, 7 ,6 ,5 ,..... which is why I stamped the numbers going down as I did.
Yet the reason why I love this ensemble so much is because of the verse from God's Holy word. It speaks to my heart.
There's a whole lot of other things I used too, but these were the highlights.

So, just me tonight, putting to GOOD use all the stuff I store, LOL!
Hope you're having a lovely crafty night.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

If it only gets busier as the season approaches, I might be in trouble,LOL!

Seriously though! It's crazy busy, and no signs of letting up! It is so busy, that I am barely having time to take pictures of the things I create before I give them away. (which doesn't help a blogger much does it,LOL) I am just one of those people who like to have a visual file in case I ever want to duplicate it in the future and can't remember exactly what it looked like. So these are some of my fast and furious pictures: no time for proper lighting even!

The rose card (stamp)is a new addition to my collection, and I was playing around with it, seeing how it looked and what I could do with it. The candle was something I have been wanting to try: boy is it ever easy! So I am planning on making this my gift for my neighbours and some friends this Christmas season. The trouble is deciding what I want to stamp on them!? That's always the hardest part :Deciding,LOL.