Monday, February 23, 2009

More love..

I finished my February Calendar topper (uuhhm, a long while ago), and have been meaning to post. It's almost like a mini book, and I added lots of verses that remind me of Christ's love. The one you see on the front though, is my favorite.

So here it, what should I do for MARCH???


It took a little longer than planned.......

but here I am (finally) and ready to post and share again.

This particular project took a little longer than I thought too. Which is just fine by me, because I think it turned out better than my first plan. I thought it would be nice to make a little book about how my DH and I met, and all of those details close to my heart. It's hard to remember the details 17 years back. So I kept it simple and I am happy with it.
I used this set ,this, and I love how it turned out!!

Here's the first page. I kept it simple and to the point. There is so much more infomation and details I could have added, but these sum it up nicely. I decided to add a little snipet of crocheted lace that my Mother-in-law made for my wedding dress, it's tucked under "The Beginning".

This is the second (middle) page.This is the picture that my mom took of us just before leaving for our first read official date (just the two of us). He took me to the Phantom of the Opera. I spent just as much on my dress and he did the tickets. At that time, the dress cost me $120.

This is the last page. It describes the details about our first date.

This is the back.

Here it is, displayed in my room. I decided to decorate the frame as well. It says,
"there's no remedy for love,nothing can change the way I feel. I'm head over heals, for worse or for better."
That was from the song that was played at our wedding. I added here, the remainder of the crocheted peice, and placed it under the 'LOVE'.

That was my Vanlentines gift to my Hubby.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Here I am....

Sorry, I know I promised to be back to announce a winner. We were away for the weekend, and intended on posting early Monday morning. However, three of my children were up until the wee hours of the morning with the stomache flu. The rest of the day was spent cleaning up, shopping for chicken noodle soup, etc, etc. You get the picture. {LOL}
Aaron I tried to e-mail you, which didn't seem to work. Please e-mail me at -------, and I'll get the goods out to you.


My intentions are to be back here later tonight and post my Valentines stories and creations. So stay tunned.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I was pretty excited....

when I recieved notice that one of my cards was accepted for publication. Long story short, I'm in the March/April issue of PAPERCRAFTS, on page 44. Don't know that I have the words to properly describe how this feels, (since it's my first time ever!!!) there's too many words that apply. I won't bore you with all of them, but really wanted to share this with you.
I recieved my issue in the mail, and an extra one to boot. So that means I have one issue to share with you. Aren't you lucky, LOL! Do you want one..? How do you get one, you ask? Here's how:
This weekend we celebrate Valentines Day! To me this day means a lot of different things. Leave me a comment and be entered in once, and/OR: make a Valentines Day card and post it on your blog (can be newly created or a past favorite), with a link to me. Tell me why you made it, who you made it for and why they are special to you. If you do both, your name will be entered twice. You have until Feb 16th at midnight to enter. (I am thinking of something special I can add to the magazine, so look out for a little surprise in your package)

be back soon:}