Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I was pretty excited....

when I recieved notice that one of my cards was accepted for publication. Long story short, I'm in the March/April issue of PAPERCRAFTS, on page 44. Don't know that I have the words to properly describe how this feels, (since it's my first time ever!!!) there's too many words that apply. I won't bore you with all of them, but really wanted to share this with you.
I recieved my issue in the mail, and an extra one to boot. So that means I have one issue to share with you. Aren't you lucky, LOL! Do you want one..? How do you get one, you ask? Here's how:
This weekend we celebrate Valentines Day! To me this day means a lot of different things. Leave me a comment and be entered in once, and/OR: make a Valentines Day card and post it on your blog (can be newly created or a past favorite), with a link to me. Tell me why you made it, who you made it for and why they are special to you. If you do both, your name will be entered twice. You have until Feb 16th at midnight to enter. (I am thinking of something special I can add to the magazine, so look out for a little surprise in your package)

be back soon:}



AaronB said...

I saw the card and I was so excited for you, not to mention the card is awesome. Also don't know if you saw it, but your name is list up in the front on the stats page, for your first time! Woohoo! (don't have my copy here to tell you what page, but if you don't find it email me.) I know the feeling, and I know what you mean about too many words to discribe it! That feeling is why I spend som much time working on submissions! Way too much time!!

PS. Valentines day is just another day around here-sometimes we go out to eat, but probably wont this year since it's on a Sat.(long wait times)
Have a super sweet V-Day

Hilary Kanwischer said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How exciting for you!! :)