Sunday, July 27, 2008

I think it's time I posted, LOL

Oh, its been a busy, wonderful summer. Kids are up later and it seems by the time everything is settled for the day I am too tired to play with my stuff. So how about if I post my room? Interested. It's a work in progress, for sure. But I have been so delighted to add a few pieces. I have a few more I am looking at, but all in good time. First I was so pleased to pick up this shelf over my computer area for 5 bucks at a garage sale. Here's my computer area....

Imagine my delight while shopping for goodies as a local thrift store when I found another one, only in better shape. Unfortunately it was a little more, but when I divided the cost for the both, it was more than reasonable. So now I have two, see...

I am really happy with both of them. Right now I am housing my Cornish Heritage Farms stamps (don't have a lot, so they fit nicely here). And anything I feel like decorating with.

My Close to My Heart stamps are stored in empty Garbage bag boxes covered in craft paper. I cut up old cardboard books from the library that I then covered in some wallpaper. I have added tabs to the top, but I haven't written on them yet. On my list of a thousand things to do list, LOL.

The boxes are stored on an old Ikea Roll top shelving unit. I LOVE THESE THINGS!!! Means I can close them up, and fake a neat and tidy room,LOL.

One of my added pieces of furniture has been a much needed table. We had purchase a folding table, but it clearly wasn't meant to have four little children, nor was could in handle alot of stamping and even weight. So I found a delightful old table at a local thrift store and payed 40.00 for it, including the four chairs. I like it alot. It means I have a little more width on this table, and it has two leafs that I can take out and make smaller (not that I will with how I work, all spread out,LOL) It's completely covered as we speak.

Check back soon, as I hope to post some more of my room


Saturday, July 5, 2008

The skies the Limit!!!

I actually got another card done today!! I love the new Fifth Avenue Paper by Making Memories. So thought I would use that as my inspiration this afternoon and see what happened. I love my time to create, and the skies the limit when I get a chunk of time like this. There are also no limits to my solos. I love them. I have made so many random stamped papers now with my solos. My favorites being "d", "f", "b", "l", and "a". The squares seem to be what I use the most. But I'm sure I would have just as much fun with the circles if I pulled them out.
I also pulled out my old "Promis of Spring" set. I really like this set, and it will run the mile with me I'm sure. I chose the sentiment from the set that says 'joy of life". Christ came that we would have life, and have it more abundantly. (John 10:10)I discover new truths to this every year in my walk with Him. Life is full and complete with Him. He is the "joy of life".


Friday, July 4, 2008

Well after being sick twice, trying to finish up school, keep up with the June orders, and an event I was organizing and decorating I was finally ready to get back downstairs tonight and play. I will admit, I sat down and had no idea where to begin tonight.
This is where blogging is so helpful. I ended up over at Aaron Brown's little stampin' place and was delighted to see all the wonderful things she had made with the Sarsparilla Papers and goodies. She inspired me tonight, and thus I was lead in a great direction I like to think. LOL.
My DH's birthday is coming up. And what better thing to do than to go to the local Stampede here. "Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth" is what they call it. So I needed to make a card. But I like to go all out on cards like this. I am still waiting for my Sarsparilla Paper to come, so I had to improvise and make my own. What do you think...?

I'm off to go play some more.