Sunday, April 27, 2008

Idea BreakOUT

So you remember that idea I had the other night? We'll I got it on paper this afternoon. I am pretty happy how this worked out, but I must say the stitching on this one, NEEDS some work. I was trying to make a card for a Friend of mine who is trying to loose some inches (I'm trying too). She loves this stuff.......

Sorry the pictures aren't that great. These are pictures from magazines all the way back to 1993,LOL!! But they litteraly through me into "INSIRATION" and I had to try it. SO this afternoon, I had to, because now I had a NEED to. Here's the random stamped paper I created...........(used Beloved Blossoms, Weathered Backgrounds, Adorable Backgrounds, colors are Moonstruck, and Dutch Blue. There might even be some Indian Corn blue, can't remember.

And here's my idea in it's card form, I hope you like it. Stamp sets used to complete the card are Make It Count and HodgePodge Alphabet. Too tired to say anymore tonight. Sweet Dreams and see ya in the morning,LOL
(note: any speling mistaks are dew too fat igue, not ignorance,LOL)


Feline Sunday doesn't work does it??LOL

Well, honestly, I do get these done on time (mostly). I just don't seem to find the time to post until after, so you'll just have to trust me that I DO get them done on time.
I used scraps from a different paper craft earlier this week, basically didn't think to much, just made sure it would fit the top of my card and went with the flow on this one. I am LOVING stitching on my cards. So chances are if I am loving it,, you'll probably be seeing more of it. Hope you don't mind.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the night delights of a blogger, scrapping MOM!!

Tonight was just a hoot all around!! It was a good school day, and I was hankering to get down and "play" a little tonight. I had BIG plans, and wanted to get two ideas I had onto paper tonight. Did that happen? NOPE!!!! Am I happy, YEP!! Tonight turned out better than I had planned. {love it when that happens}. As I was pulling things out and getting things ready to get started on my ideas, I ended up taking a pleasant turn and changed my focus for the evening. I meant to do two cards, and ended up on a layout with pictures I didn't even have in my to do box. I needed to pause my work and go put my boys into bed. What a delight to put them into bed. Only Dylan would go to bed with knee pads on. He says he needs them just in case he falls out of bed,LOL. What's a Mom to do. Well, a scapbooking mom takes pictures of it and (desperately) intends on scrapbooking it. Here's the picture.....

And if you think that's funny.........after I got the boys tucked in and settled in...I returned to my scraproom where my daughter was. She was left with all my creations for this evening, (and because a true crafter will have many things on his/her table to create with} she had decided to play a little herself. Now, she's old enough to basically know how to play safe, lol. But this is what I came to on my page..............

Isn't that hilarious!!!! No harm done, gave me a good laugh though. Hope it gave you a jiggle too.

So I did manage to get it all done. These were pictures of me, (I won't say how many years ago) and I am pleasantly surprised how I can start out on one path and end up on an even better one.

Hope you have a fun night crafting too.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Feline Friday (except it's Sunday,shhhhhh!)

This week my Feline Friday card is based on Proverbs 17:22 and a song I have in my home library. The song is called "Keep on the Sunny Side" by the Fehr Family singers. You can check them out here. This is one of my favorite CD's by them. It also a very encouraging song a message worth remembering. So with this song and the scripture verse as my guide, I wanted somethig bright and sunny. I chose Sunlight yellow textured cardstock from Close to My Heart. {This is one of those cards where the picture probably won't due it justice.} I stamped my flowers in Versa Mark, then used my chalks and rubbed yellow chalk over the stamped flowers. I wanted something subtle so as not to over power the quote, and it looks and feels so velvety!! I am quite happy with it, especially since I don't pull out my chalks very often. I also was eager to try stitching on my card. I like the front, but I am not too happy with the inside. The tension is fine, I just don't know that I like looking at that on the inside of my card. So I'm not sure what to do about that. So there's another one completed, and this week I tried to make sure I worked on at least two at once, these next two months are going to be really busy.
And now for the card;

Thanks for stopping in again!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Keeping myself Organized (instyle!!LOL)

Being and staying Organized is a challenge for me. It is not something that comes easy at all. So I put some fabric I had to some good an effort to help me stay organized and on top of my tasks. Remember that Damask fabric I had bought awhile back, well, I decided to use it (not hoard it like I normally do with things I like). I had been listening to some instructions, sermons and being organized, and being a Proverb's 31 woman. I am NO WHERE near being a "noble" woman. However it is what I seek to be. So that is how this project came about. I just love how this project has come together.
Here's the outside of my organizational binder:

I love the little dangling jewel. Can you believe it's an earring? Bought them for less than 2 bucks.

I had a little trouble deciding what "title" to give this little binder. I wanted to put "Proverbs 31", or "organize it", and "HOME" or "Sonja" just didn't sound right. So I went with "Work", because that's what it is. Some "work" I enjoy more than others (like decorating this binder,LOL), but Proverbs 31 also talks about how a woman of noble character also works with her hands. So I thought this was fitting. However, if I change my mind later on, I can easily put something else there. The metal letters were a Dollar Store find it you can believe it! And I had to stamp the "Lovely Lace" stamp from CTMH to tie the crocheted ribbon on the inside (get to that in a second).

On the back I really wanted a ribbon to come and loop around my crystal. But I also wanted to be able to change the length of the loop. Sometimes I will have it fuller than other times. If the loop is too long, it won't stay shut, if it's too short it won't either. So it had to be just right. SO I cut my ribbon long enough and knotted it (this too is a CTMH product), making it easy to change the length. I used a CTMH metal ribbon accent for this. I also wanted to re-enforce it a little. SO I added a bit of Chocolate brown felt and stitched it in some Aqua thread.

I would like to do something on the front cover of each tab, but I am still deciding on how I want that to look. I have a few ideas, but time gets the better of most of them. I couldn't get organized though until this was done, right? LOL
I haven't taken my sewing machine out in well over a year (to my mother's shame), but I am glad I dusted it off and put it to some good use again. Now maybe I can have a shot of staying organized and finding things when I need it.

For the inside I will probably have to add more tabs. But for now, well, you get the idea. I used some circle metal rimmed tags and some crocheted ribbon with different flowers. This way I will memorize what flower if for what category, and be able to flip to it easily. Have I told you how much I am loving how this is looking!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Verses to go along with this card:

John 14:27 & John16:33

This has to be quick tonight, sorry:)


Friday, April 4, 2008

Feline Friday

So after our family Friday games night {gotta love Monopoly} It was down to my little room for a little while. Being Friday, it's also Feline Friday. So here's this weeks card. I am really pleased with it. Picked up some more sale paper, and this came together relatively easily tonight. (usually there's a lot of paper pushing) The verse I chose this week was 1 Cor. 9:23-27, which talks about the race we run as believers. I thought this was fitting, reminding the reader to run the race as to get the prize. Making sure you have the proper training so that you are not stopping short of the end, like this little kitty quote. But on the contrary.. pressing toward the mark. Training is essential, as well as perseverance. I wanted to get the idea of running around "like mad" from the quote. So I looked in my stash of supplies, and this is what I came up with. I think the swirls accomplish that idea well.

Thanks for stopping by again, I am glad you came.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Summer can't come fast enough!!

I am longing for Long Summer Days, hot sun, picnics and everything else that goes with it. I've wanted to do this layout for awhile. And it's got me longing for summer. There are some of my fav's from over the years. And it feels good to have it done and in the album.


I know someone who's having a Birthday soon!!!!

Just a little sneak peak!!!