Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the night delights of a blogger, scrapping MOM!!

Tonight was just a hoot all around!! It was a good school day, and I was hankering to get down and "play" a little tonight. I had BIG plans, and wanted to get two ideas I had onto paper tonight. Did that happen? NOPE!!!! Am I happy, YEP!! Tonight turned out better than I had planned. {love it when that happens}. As I was pulling things out and getting things ready to get started on my ideas, I ended up taking a pleasant turn and changed my focus for the evening. I meant to do two cards, and ended up on a layout with pictures I didn't even have in my to do box. I needed to pause my work and go put my boys into bed. What a delight to put them into bed. Only Dylan would go to bed with knee pads on. He says he needs them just in case he falls out of bed,LOL. What's a Mom to do. Well, a scapbooking mom takes pictures of it and (desperately) intends on scrapbooking it. Here's the picture.....

And if you think that's funny.........after I got the boys tucked in and settled in...I returned to my scraproom where my daughter was. She was left with all my creations for this evening, (and because a true crafter will have many things on his/her table to create with} she had decided to play a little herself. Now, she's old enough to basically know how to play safe, lol. But this is what I came to on my page..............

Isn't that hilarious!!!! No harm done, gave me a good laugh though. Hope it gave you a jiggle too.

So I did manage to get it all done. These were pictures of me, (I won't say how many years ago) and I am pleasantly surprised how I can start out on one path and end up on an even better one.

Hope you have a fun night crafting too.


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Syrophenician Woman said...

Oh, Sonja!

The pics if your DS already had me laughing, but the pics that your DD did put me over the top! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! I think I will be laughing at that for a long time -- thanks for making my Thursday worth while!!!