Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I am poking my head in here to join in the MoxiFab fun. I squeezed out some time as my poor neglected stamps haven't seen ink in awhile --- and created my take on this:

You can catch all the fun, and view all the artists take on it here.
1} I love these colors!!
2} I love that icing - it just looks like it is waiting to be licked off. I have a few around here who would eagerly volunteer. lol.


couple of shots:

3} I have been wanting to make a winter scene with the tree for ages!!
4} To me, the scene looks so peaceful, ahhh fresh snow! Puffy and deep, clean and white. Snow that no one has disturbed!!

'Til we meet again.


Edit to add: This card was selected as one of the 5 winners for the Tuesday Trigger, It's Snowing Gingerbread! on the MoxiFab blog!!

Thanks for all the sweet comments, it was so fun to play along with you all!!

Friday, April 16, 2010


I certainly have much to be thankful for and I found myself needing to express my gratitude in the form of some thank-you cards.
I was determined to use (and play with) some of the free digital images I received from 'ETC.'. I was so pleased with how this particular one turned out. I love everything shabby, and I don't know what woman doesn't like roses. I chose to color these ones a shabby peach. My coloring was done in a mix of watercolor pencils and your basic pencil crayons.
I had so much fun playing with the coloring on this image as well as changing out the sentiment, which is very easy to do. I simply cut a rectangle slightly smaller than the inside frame and stamped a nice 'fitting' sentiment (get it:} fitting,lol!!, o.k. maybe so maybe that wasn't all that funny ), to express my gratitude to a very special someone. Oh, and I guess I forgot to mention, that this image was enlarged from the original size.

I'll be doing this again for sure.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It was such a sweet treat to be one of the recipients of a give away at ETC. Wasn't that so nice of them? If winning weren't enough, I got to select whatever images tickled my fancy.---(giggle)

Well, I was and am totaly in love with the 'Songsheet Bird Printable' image (more blogging coming with that one, I PROMISE!), 'Getting Sentimental', and 'The Lord is My Shepherd'. Thanks, ETC!!

For my first 'play-date' with these I chose the "Getting Sentimental" set. I began by painting an Altoid tin white, 'cause that's just the shabby girl that I am!---LOL!! Then I stuffed the little tin with heart candies that are filling the shelves in the stores. I made a wrapper/sleeve for it and tied it with ribbon.

Wouldn't these make great party favors?