Friday, April 16, 2010


I certainly have much to be thankful for and I found myself needing to express my gratitude in the form of some thank-you cards.
I was determined to use (and play with) some of the free digital images I received from 'ETC.'. I was so pleased with how this particular one turned out. I love everything shabby, and I don't know what woman doesn't like roses. I chose to color these ones a shabby peach. My coloring was done in a mix of watercolor pencils and your basic pencil crayons.
I had so much fun playing with the coloring on this image as well as changing out the sentiment, which is very easy to do. I simply cut a rectangle slightly smaller than the inside frame and stamped a nice 'fitting' sentiment (get it:} fitting,lol!!, o.k. maybe so maybe that wasn't all that funny ), to express my gratitude to a very special someone. Oh, and I guess I forgot to mention, that this image was enlarged from the original size.

I'll be doing this again for sure.


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nicknjg said...

that was beautiful what was it about what are you thaking for please let me know i am very interested in your writing style. I might want to follow you