Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's -27 degrees outside right now.....

and it feels good to be inside, warm and creating.
What a great afternoon I had. I had the privilege of creating with a dear friend today. As soon as I saw this, I new that I had to give it a try for myself.
I followed the links to all the little tips I could read. I even took a book out of the library. Yet I wouldn't have gotten half as far as I did had I not received a little help from my DFIL (dear father-in law). He was a wonderful help and even let me use some of his tools. THANKS DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So after a wonderful afternoon, I have one necklace for a Christmas gift. I will certainly be making more of these in the future. It really was pretty easy I think. Even though I think I could get better, it's not bad for the first try I (modestly) think. LOL.

It was so much fun, and I can't wait to play some more with these.

Hope your night has been warm and crafty!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some more Home Decor.

This is just one of those things that HAD to get done. I have been wanting to do a layout of my Grandmother's bible for awhile now. Then the other day, I was inspired to make some sort of 'visual' reminder to read more of my Bible and grow more spiritually. Somehow I managed to combine the two and I am glad I did.
I managed to place the Bible in the frame in a none permanent way. I cut off the ends to a clear card box, and slid it in. I had so much fun making a "Skrinky Dink" frame to accentuate one of the verses I wanted to Highlight. As you can see, I also had too much fun putting flowers and a Tag over the top as well. I used an imaged from the Thomas Kinkade line from none other that Cornish Heritage Farms. (reminder to self to get this bookmarked). This image reminds me to spend "much time in secret".
I also used the Vintage Ledger from CHF (probably one of my favorites), and wrote down all the verses that I want to memorize and bring it all together for me.
There's a few images here, trying to capture it the best I can.

I will probably have some more home decor items soon too, if I can manage to get some time to work on them.

Blessings on a wonderful evening, and thanks for stopping in again.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Isn't it lovely?!

I totally love everything Shabby!!
I picked this up this old window frame in my travels some years ago. (actually, I have a few) I can't part with them! This one in particular, it was just a nice size. Well, I am I ever glad I kept it. It is going to be my source of inspiration for the coming year, it will (hopefully) keep me organized with my scrapbooking for this next coming year too. Most importantly, I hope it will keep me focused and balanced, and remind me of the important things too.
As you can see, I changed it from a window frame into a calendar. I decided to start with Jan, not just because it's the first month of the year, but because I was inspired to do so. This one just seemed to come a little easier than the others right now. I also don't need to do all of the months right away, kinda makes it more fun that way. I think I will have a pile of fun decorating these, it's gonna be a great way to try some techniques I have been wanting to try as well. The best part I think though, is getting over my paper hoarding problem. You know, buying paper you like, and then too afraid to cut it up, 'fraid you won't have anymore of it. Well, now I just get to look at it ALL YEAR LONG! That was enough to help me cut it up, use it, and then look at it.
I used one of my favorite snowy scenes from Thomas Kinkade.( made by Cornish Heritage Farms, doing this now, I might NEED some more images,lol) It was a snowy night scene, and made me feel like staying inside, nice and warm. Starying up late and ringing in the new year with my family.
The Vintage Ledger, 6x6 Scrapblock, (by Cornish Heritage Farms) was used to do my little squares. I think it's pretty Shabby!
I also used my 'Magic Moments' from Close to My Heart. I love the clock for the same reason I have said before, I can 'SET' the time for anytime I want. In this case, just before you start to 'count down', 10, 9, 8, 7 ,6 ,5 ,..... which is why I stamped the numbers going down as I did.
Yet the reason why I love this ensemble so much is because of the verse from God's Holy word. It speaks to my heart.
There's a whole lot of other things I used too, but these were the highlights.

So, just me tonight, putting to GOOD use all the stuff I store, LOL!
Hope you're having a lovely crafty night.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

If it only gets busier as the season approaches, I might be in trouble,LOL!

Seriously though! It's crazy busy, and no signs of letting up! It is so busy, that I am barely having time to take pictures of the things I create before I give them away. (which doesn't help a blogger much does it,LOL) I am just one of those people who like to have a visual file in case I ever want to duplicate it in the future and can't remember exactly what it looked like. So these are some of my fast and furious pictures: no time for proper lighting even!

The rose card (stamp)is a new addition to my collection, and I was playing around with it, seeing how it looked and what I could do with it. The candle was something I have been wanting to try: boy is it ever easy! So I am planning on making this my gift for my neighbours and some friends this Christmas season. The trouble is deciding what I want to stamp on them!? That's always the hardest part :Deciding,LOL.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Thanks to a fellow blogger....

I have something to post. I am zapped after another school week, and an afternoon of crafting with 7 girls. So there really wasn't much left of me when I got to take a little time for myself.
I so enjoyed walking the dog tonight. The fall here is just wonderful, I know it isn't going to last. It will end: but in the mean time I am enjoying it. I was out in only a sweater tonight! IT was beautiful. Only now are the leaves starting to fall.
As I needed to make a "Thank U" card, and because I was feeling pretty zapped as it was, I went blogging for some inspiration.(Love that there are so many wonderful bloggers out there willing to share their creations, "thank you" al you crafty bloggers!!!)
Erin's one of those. So all thanks To Erin tonight, or I might not be posting. Such a simple card she posted from someone who posted.....etc,LOL. So I played with it, because it also involved my new toy. And this is the result. Make sure you check out Erin's version though, it's very classy.
Go and check her creation out at Inky Smiles on my side bar.

(Here's mine)

I hope your creative juices are higher than mine tonight,LOL!!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Consider yourself WARNED!! LOL!!!

You could get very lost here! LOL Just found this to be too helpful not to share. We all need storage idea, right? Well I think this site is a great place to poke around in for ideas.
HEHE!,I almost feel like I am cheating a little here in blog land tonight. But once you have a look around, you might forgive me.LOL
So go get some ideas! Just don't forget the way home,LOL.


Note: I can not get the link to work right now. However if you copy and paste in google, it will come up. Sorry I can't get the direct link to work right now. Maybe I can fiddle with it more later.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Guess what I got in the mail on Friday, just in time for the weekend?!!!!!!


Who doesn't like something new to play with!? I have wanted to get one for a little while now, and wow! All I can say did I ever get it FAST, and it is soooooooo much fun to play with! Even though I got it on Friday, I was a good and restrained myself. So with school done, and a clean house........I played tonight with my two favorite sidekicks. They had so much fun with it too. DS just loved turning the crank, and DD's creative ideas were swimming in her head. DS wanted to make me a Birthday card (who cares if it was late, it was pure delight for me to watch him put it together!!) That was almost better than the card itself. Here's what he made tonight...

And the master genius who created it,LOL! Here he is all happy....

And DD played tonight too.

And since I spent a lot of time helping them...I'm off to play now that they are in bed.
Hope your night has the creative juices flowing!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is probably more for me, than you....

but today was another beautiful September day. Yesterday I was out walking the dog, all the while wishing I had the camera. So today after we got out to the front of the house I remembered and sent one of the boys back in for it. I am so glad I did. Today was not as sunny as yesterday, however, some of us were still out in shorts and t-shirts. For our neck of the woods, it is delightful. Even though I know the good Lord created the snow for its purpose, I am not eagerly awaiting its arrival. So I snapped a few shots today, and I have a few favorites.
This is the bridge that the kids won't go over, but have so much fun going through the trenches. Thankfully there's no water and mud down there.

Following the "trench"...

"Over the river and through the wood....."

Then I told them to run up to the red bush. I was just in awe of the colors, and I managed to get this beauty......

I don't remember ever having such beautiful fall colors before! Aren't they gorgeous?

Just a few more of my favorties.

That was the end of our beautiful September afternoon walk.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September is so busy, and it's only half over,LOL!

September has been a full month around here with getting school started. This year I'm in grade 4,3,and 1 all at once,LOL! Seriously though it's been probably our best year so far of getting off to a good start with Homeshooling.
With trying to get school going, and the new dog (that I am so happy to have), it's been busy, busy, busy. I am so surprised that I am so happy to have the dog, or that I could BE this happy to have the dog, is probably more like it. I love walking him, and the kids love running with him. I finally have a match for my daughters energy,LOL!
And with the dog comes responsibility right? I couldn't resist taking this shot of the boys. One with the shovel and the other with the bag.

And here's a PLUS side to homeschooling:

That's my DD reading while petting Caper. This picture means alot to me. She has her hearts desire granted by having a dog, and I delight so much in seeing her become such an avid reader. She puts me to shame.

This month I also celebrated a birthday, the age not being important. It was a really lovely day. It started out with my kids being really quiet downstairs while I got breakfast ready. Turns out my daughter was making me this:

Didn't she do a great job? Did I mention she did this all by herself (proud mom of course!) All my boys signed it, and I think it is one of my best Birthday gifts!
And so, now September it seems is half over and I still have so much to do. I guess I should go scratch another thing off my list of "to Do".
I'll leave you with the layout of Caper that I managed to squeak in this month.

I really hope to get some more "play Time" soon. "Til then.....


Monday, September 1, 2008

Please welcome the newest member of our Family

I really don't know where to start this story of ours, and I certainly don't mean to make this too long of a post. However we are so pleased to have a new member in our home. Please welcome Caper.

Our children has reached over the fence and have enjoyed petting him for the last year or so. He is such a good dog, and we are so delighted to have him in our home. Probably one of the happiest is my Daughter. She has such a love for him and dogs in general. I am so pleased that the Lord provided this for her. We kinda thought this would be something that needed to wait for awhile. I am so glad the Lord thought otherwise. So she really thought she would have to wait a long time. So when this opportunity came up, she was thrilled and patient at the same time. She really amazed me. And you know, I didn't get the family shot I thought I would, but boy is this a beauty:

As for me, not growing up with dogs, and a few bad experiences has attatched a little fear in me that really shouldn't be there. But God is good, and I am so thankful that I followed the facts, and not my emotions. He has been trained well and I am so glad to have him. I get to miss all the house training stages, and I have four eager helpers.

And maybe you will relate to this, but there has to always be someone not looking at the camera. Here's that family shot that didn't exactly turn out like I wanted because Caper's not looking. But Oh well. Since we have him for awhile, chances are that we will have plenty of opportunities.

And as we speak, dog is laying on the couch next to DH, who by the way is pretty happy too.
As it turns out, it is his actual Birthday this week too. It's his 5th Birthday.
I only hope he is just as happy to be here as we are to have him.


Friday, August 29, 2008

So Sorry...

I don't know why that was cut off. I am sure you're wondering "what is she talking about"?!

Go to U-Tube and in the search engine type " ANTS! " and it should be the first video at the top of the page. And don't forget to let me know you watched it.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Too cool!!

Honestly, I have been creating things, but you'll have to hang in there to see it. We are busy getting ready for the next school year. I am trying ever so hard to be more organized and ready for this year. So today was a "getting organized" day. Now that we are getting back in the mind set of school, I had a few minutes with my two older children. My girl say," I don't like to watch stuff like this before going to bed". But the boy says,"COOL!". And in 'type' you can't even emphasize it enough. But even though it has nothing to do with paper, it was just too "COOL" not to share.
Have a look for yourself:

Isn't that amazing? Isn't the God that created them amazing?

We now resume your regular stamping, paper,and scissor show,LOL!

In an effort to be more organized, I decided I need a little book that I could refer to for some stamp images. It just gets way to cluttered on my table to "pull everything Out" that I think I might use. So this, I think will help, plus it was a whole lot of fun to make.

I just love thumbing through my little book for inspiration. What to create next??