Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is probably more for me, than you....

but today was another beautiful September day. Yesterday I was out walking the dog, all the while wishing I had the camera. So today after we got out to the front of the house I remembered and sent one of the boys back in for it. I am so glad I did. Today was not as sunny as yesterday, however, some of us were still out in shorts and t-shirts. For our neck of the woods, it is delightful. Even though I know the good Lord created the snow for its purpose, I am not eagerly awaiting its arrival. So I snapped a few shots today, and I have a few favorites.
This is the bridge that the kids won't go over, but have so much fun going through the trenches. Thankfully there's no water and mud down there.

Following the "trench"...

"Over the river and through the wood....."

Then I told them to run up to the red bush. I was just in awe of the colors, and I managed to get this beauty......

I don't remember ever having such beautiful fall colors before! Aren't they gorgeous?

Just a few more of my favorties.

That was the end of our beautiful September afternoon walk.


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gdskarbo said...

thanks for taking us along! What beautiful scenery and what lovely children!