Saturday, November 24, 2007

a little "Blue" to Cheer!!

When Close to My Heart came out with a new "E" sized stamp, I was in love with it instantly!!! They are a great size, not too big, not to small. Even better yet, it came WITH numbers! So as I had need to make a card, I found myself using the new set I got. It's called Homestead Alphabet. This particular card was made with someone who's favorite color is Blue. So after a little playing around, this is what happened. Not one of my favorites, but I hope she will feel the sentiment behind it. Hopefully this little "Blue" card can give a little CHEER!!


Items used to make this card:
Paper-CTMH- Denim Blue
CTMH- White
Tracy Porter - Patterned Paper

Ribbon- CTMH- Denim Blue
Flowers - Prima and CTMH
Brad - Dollar Store, matched the Prima perfectly
Corsage Pin - Walmart
Beads and Blitz - combination of Dollar Store and Micheal's

Stamps CTMH -Moments - Past Stamp of the month
CTMH - Homestead Alphabet
CTMH - For Every Occasion- Past Stamp of the month
Ink CTMH Denim Blue, Moonstruck, Black
Punch- MU- Giga Scalloped Square, then cut off the sides.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My NEW Room

I am so loving my new room!!!!!! It is wonderful. I find it very relaxing and easy to work in. I have a few more things I am planning on doing in here. I have a few more shelves and things I would like to put up, but don't want to put any unwanted holes in my walls until I am absolutely sure of their place.

I got around to making some flower pens that I have been wanting to make for a loooooong time now. Micheal's had a sale, 40% off ALL their flowers, so the timing was great. Ofcourse pickng colors was easy> I love green, and you can never go wrong with white. I also added a brown one and put a little BLING in the middle. It gives my room a little warm, cozy, pretty feel. Just looking at these flowers makes me happy. I still have to get some beans, or something to fill the container with. But all in due time, right? LOL.

I also picked up some of these goodies along my shopping travels. The basket was a gift. I turned it into my photo storage of the pictures I most want to scrap. Here they are organized and ready to go. I had fun decorating the basket last night. Now I have to fill it with pictures, and I'll probably add a few more dividers too. And my little yellow canisters are an old Bathroon line from Martha Stewart I picked up at a Liquidation Store for next to nothing. I'm planning on putting the tools I use the most in them to have in arms reach. My paper piercer is one of the first things to go in there. And one of my favorite pieces is my Lazy Susan. Picked this up at a Garage Sale a few years ago for 10 bucks. I finally have an great use for it!! I'm gonna love having that on my table.

Hope you've enjoyed this little peak into my room. NOW, to go mess it up!!! LOL!

Happy scrappin'.


Monday, November 12, 2007


It was indeed my Camera!! Congratulations----scrappernic!!! You guessed right. On the first try too! I think I am still in shock!!!!! I can not believe how thankful I am even though my camera seems to have vanished. The last weekend in October I was honored to be trusted to take pictures at a Wedding reception of a couple we know. I can't even imagine how horrible I would feel if I had lost those pictures. Thankfully as soon as I got home that night I saved all 600 and then some, pictures. So they are safe on my computer ready to be burned. It was Thursday night I went to take a picture of a card I made and upload, and post it and share it with you. And as you know I couldn't find the camera anywhere. It still insists on hiding from me. I say hiding because I will feel like the world's worst fool if I say it was stolen and it decides to show up. I still can't figure out this mystery. I have a hard time believing I could be that careless with my camera. Especially not notice the minute it was gone. Worse yet I will never leave it in the van again. I will also be putting my name, and phone number somewhere on it. This way if a it I ever am careless again, and a good Samaritan happens upon it, I will stand a chance at getting it back.
I miss it alot!! I use it all the time. What scrapbooker doesn't, LOL. We bought it last year for our Ten Year anniversary. It's going to take awhile to be able to save up to buy a new one!!

In the mean time though, a dear friend has offered to lend me their extra camera! Isn't that just a BLESSING!!!! So I will be able to post pictures soon. Oh, ya, and my room is done! Moving the furniture in tonight!!! So when I get that all pretty and organized I'll post that too. There will be so much to post as soon as I have a camera to work with. In the mean time I will enjoy setting up my creative zone!!


In the mean time, here are a few pictures I took of that Wedding.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Before I give it away.

The last time I know I had it, was last Sunday morning. After that it's a complete mystery to me. I've need it at Church for the last 6 or so weeks. Last Sunday was no different. So I took it, and was intending on using it. However, it turned out that I wouldn't have need of it for this particular Sunday, but would need to try again for next Sunday. Either DH or myself took it down to the van after services, can't remember who, as all the Sunday's we've carried it to Church seemed to have rolled into one. It would have been placed behind the two front seats, in the middle, on the floor along with an album I've been working on. This Sunday was a special Sunday. We had a Baptismal service to attend at 2 in the afternoon. So we grabbed a quick lunch at DH Shop, then went to the special service. I only brought my purse in. Then after the service, we went home. Again, as I can't remember one time from the next, yet I am very certain it was me that brought the items in from the van and into the house. Thursday night, I tried to find one of the items that I had brought in from the van. ONLY I CAN"T FIND IT!!!!! Panic!!! We search everywhere!!!! You know, when you look 20 times in the same spot hoping maybe this will be the time that you see it!! I was not so fortunate. I still can't find it!!! I am still unwilling to say that it was stolen, because I know we humans can be careless sometimes. But I am leaning that way if it doesn't show up soon!!! I just can't believe I can't find it!!! It's not an easily replaces item. Well, before I give anything else away..........any guesses?


Saturday, November 10, 2007


I've needed "IT" at Church for at least the last 6 weeks.



Heres another clue.---My sympathy has increased 12 times, for those that have had this same thing happen to them.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Take a Guess.

Thought I would put a little challenge out there for you.( sorry, no prizes, just a little fun, and see if you can be the one that figures it out).

Anyone care to venture a guess as to why I am a little sad and frustrated tonight? I am happy to say that I am happily married and there's been no fueding, although we were both a little worked up last night. Still are!!!

So any guesses?!!!