Monday, November 12, 2007


It was indeed my Camera!! Congratulations----scrappernic!!! You guessed right. On the first try too! I think I am still in shock!!!!! I can not believe how thankful I am even though my camera seems to have vanished. The last weekend in October I was honored to be trusted to take pictures at a Wedding reception of a couple we know. I can't even imagine how horrible I would feel if I had lost those pictures. Thankfully as soon as I got home that night I saved all 600 and then some, pictures. So they are safe on my computer ready to be burned. It was Thursday night I went to take a picture of a card I made and upload, and post it and share it with you. And as you know I couldn't find the camera anywhere. It still insists on hiding from me. I say hiding because I will feel like the world's worst fool if I say it was stolen and it decides to show up. I still can't figure out this mystery. I have a hard time believing I could be that careless with my camera. Especially not notice the minute it was gone. Worse yet I will never leave it in the van again. I will also be putting my name, and phone number somewhere on it. This way if a it I ever am careless again, and a good Samaritan happens upon it, I will stand a chance at getting it back.
I miss it alot!! I use it all the time. What scrapbooker doesn't, LOL. We bought it last year for our Ten Year anniversary. It's going to take awhile to be able to save up to buy a new one!!

In the mean time though, a dear friend has offered to lend me their extra camera! Isn't that just a BLESSING!!!! So I will be able to post pictures soon. Oh, ya, and my room is done! Moving the furniture in tonight!!! So when I get that all pretty and organized I'll post that too. There will be so much to post as soon as I have a camera to work with. In the mean time I will enjoy setting up my creative zone!!


In the mean time, here are a few pictures I took of that Wedding.

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