Sunday, November 11, 2007

Before I give it away.

The last time I know I had it, was last Sunday morning. After that it's a complete mystery to me. I've need it at Church for the last 6 or so weeks. Last Sunday was no different. So I took it, and was intending on using it. However, it turned out that I wouldn't have need of it for this particular Sunday, but would need to try again for next Sunday. Either DH or myself took it down to the van after services, can't remember who, as all the Sunday's we've carried it to Church seemed to have rolled into one. It would have been placed behind the two front seats, in the middle, on the floor along with an album I've been working on. This Sunday was a special Sunday. We had a Baptismal service to attend at 2 in the afternoon. So we grabbed a quick lunch at DH Shop, then went to the special service. I only brought my purse in. Then after the service, we went home. Again, as I can't remember one time from the next, yet I am very certain it was me that brought the items in from the van and into the house. Thursday night, I tried to find one of the items that I had brought in from the van. ONLY I CAN"T FIND IT!!!!! Panic!!! We search everywhere!!!! You know, when you look 20 times in the same spot hoping maybe this will be the time that you see it!! I was not so fortunate. I still can't find it!!! I am still unwilling to say that it was stolen, because I know we humans can be careless sometimes. But I am leaning that way if it doesn't show up soon!!! I just can't believe I can't find it!!! It's not an easily replaces item. Well, before I give anything else away..........any guesses?



scrappernic said...

Camera? That's all I can think of

Darlene said...

did you lose your BIBLE?!