Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My NEW Room

I am so loving my new room!!!!!! It is wonderful. I find it very relaxing and easy to work in. I have a few more things I am planning on doing in here. I have a few more shelves and things I would like to put up, but don't want to put any unwanted holes in my walls until I am absolutely sure of their place.

I got around to making some flower pens that I have been wanting to make for a loooooong time now. Micheal's had a sale, 40% off ALL their flowers, so the timing was great. Ofcourse pickng colors was easy> I love green, and you can never go wrong with white. I also added a brown one and put a little BLING in the middle. It gives my room a little warm, cozy, pretty feel. Just looking at these flowers makes me happy. I still have to get some beans, or something to fill the container with. But all in due time, right? LOL.

I also picked up some of these goodies along my shopping travels. The basket was a gift. I turned it into my photo storage of the pictures I most want to scrap. Here they are organized and ready to go. I had fun decorating the basket last night. Now I have to fill it with pictures, and I'll probably add a few more dividers too. And my little yellow canisters are an old Bathroon line from Martha Stewart I picked up at a Liquidation Store for next to nothing. I'm planning on putting the tools I use the most in them to have in arms reach. My paper piercer is one of the first things to go in there. And one of my favorite pieces is my Lazy Susan. Picked this up at a Garage Sale a few years ago for 10 bucks. I finally have an great use for it!! I'm gonna love having that on my table.

Hope you've enjoyed this little peak into my room. NOW, to go mess it up!!! LOL!

Happy scrappin'.



gdskarbo said...

Wow! things are really coming together in your special room! Can't wait to see it in real! MS

Darlene said...

You room looks fab! I love how you have used every day items to organize. Those pens are beautiful!


Thanks for stopping by my place, too! :)