Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some more Home Decor.

This is just one of those things that HAD to get done. I have been wanting to do a layout of my Grandmother's bible for awhile now. Then the other day, I was inspired to make some sort of 'visual' reminder to read more of my Bible and grow more spiritually. Somehow I managed to combine the two and I am glad I did.
I managed to place the Bible in the frame in a none permanent way. I cut off the ends to a clear card box, and slid it in. I had so much fun making a "Skrinky Dink" frame to accentuate one of the verses I wanted to Highlight. As you can see, I also had too much fun putting flowers and a Tag over the top as well. I used an imaged from the Thomas Kinkade line from none other that Cornish Heritage Farms. (reminder to self to get this bookmarked). This image reminds me to spend "much time in secret".
I also used the Vintage Ledger from CHF (probably one of my favorites), and wrote down all the verses that I want to memorize and bring it all together for me.
There's a few images here, trying to capture it the best I can.

I will probably have some more home decor items soon too, if I can manage to get some time to work on them.

Blessings on a wonderful evening, and thanks for stopping in again.



Just Ducky @ Heart! said...

Sonja--what a wonderful way to display a family treasure! I love everything about it, and love that you put the bible in a clear box to protect it, and still be able to display it--great idea!


Patter Cross said...

Such a stunning way to display her Bible!! I love what you have done! Just gorgeous! Have a blessed day!

Hilary Kanwischer said...

Now THIS is just FABULOUS! Wow! What an absolutely amazing project all around. :) What a tresure Sonja. :)