Saturday, February 2, 2008

Third layout

So happy to get another page done! {As my other son says,"Mommy, where's mine?"} I just chuckled. I guess I should do one for him next. They really love seeing their pictures done this way. Makes 'em feel pretty special, even though they already are.

This was another fun one to make. I had to crack open my new Serendipity order. Love the blues in this pack!!! But I don't like it when I am working well, and my block drops out of my hand and onto the layout. AHHH! So I had to stamp my capital 'H' where it is. Maybe you can't see it, but I know it's there. Sometimes unintended happenings create better art than you originally intended. {this wasn't one of those times} And sometimes you just have to live with the mistake.

Journaling read: A good nap always did you well! You were not a grumpy little boy....but a good nap always had you up and ready to GO again...It was always fun to come and get you up and out of your crib....I love my little boy. {MOM}


Trish said...

You always inspire me, Sonja!

I sure wish we lived closer so we could play together more often....

Kr8inKaren said...

Hi Sonja!
Thanks for your kind comments over on my blog...just stopping by to see who you were!