Saturday, January 12, 2008

My first layout of the Year!!!!

It feels so good to get a layout done!! My first for the year. I've been wanting to get these pictures scrapped for awhile now. These pictures are about 4 years old. Terrible isn't it!!??? But I am so glad it wasn't scrapped until now. I will be much happier with this over time now. I even had a little help from my daughter too. She's developing quite the eye. I moove elements around and she is quick to say,"No Mom", sometimes she just shakes her head, and other times she's right in there with me. I love getting her "opinion", as she surprises me sometimes with her ideas and suggestions.
I have left the layout as it is, even thought I think I should add "JUST ONE MORE THING",,, AHHHHH!!! I shouldn't of done it. So before I hear myself say that, I've stoppped. I need to get more than one layout done this year, right??? LOL!!!


Q: Would you care for an itemized list of supplies??? Or do you just like to look? Thanks for letting me know.

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Trish said...

You're ahead of me!!! I have yet to get my first one done.

Your DD sure has a great eye. I remember her getting crafty with my DD when we were there in December and I couldn't believe what she could produce. I'm looking forward to seeing some of her artwork on your blog! (Tell her I said that, too!!!)

Your friend because of Him,