Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas is in the details.

This Christmas held so many wonderful details.
Here's a few of the details that defined this year for us.

I've had this paper by DaisyD (Moda) for a long time. I should have bought more, as I have the fabric line for a Christmas quilt (which will be on my list of things to complete in '09). But regretably I did not. Still I thought this would be fun for the kids to do and add to the Christmas decor in the home. And so it was that we began to anticipate Christmas.

Another detail I love is my calendar (you've seen it before). I finished my "December" topper and I used the calendar. I am so loving having this!! I am using a Steadtler black, non-permanent marker.

This is something I got years ago at a garage sale, could NEVER park with it, and it works so wonderful to hold my markers for the calendar.

Made a few of these:

Before I new it, we were taking a much needed break from school and getting ready to have a full house, to enjoy each others company.

One of mr favorite memories of the year was having my mom stay with us (agian). She brought little things for the kids like this little adorable chocolate reindeer.

She helped in the kitchen.
Read to the kids from a special book about Christmas Stories.
Played games with the kids.
Tucked them into bed one night.
Watched "Horton Hears a Who" with us.
Was just 'with' us for four wonderful days.
Has boughten me some of my favorite decorations for our home.

Some highlights I don't want to forget.


The Christmas Story by the Skarbo's at our Church.

Doing laundry at both my mother's and mother-in-laws because ours broke over the holidays. ( I wouldn't have those wonderful memories otherwise. It was some of the best game playing we've had.)

My brother bringing a 'home' version of "the Marble Slab". HMMMM homemade ice cream flavors. The kids enjoyed this so much. Secretly:) (which isn't so secret on blog land is it?lol.) I hope it becomes a tradition.

Watching DS assemble the Dump Truck.

Stying up late watching the hockey game, while playing Monopoly with the kids.

Kind neighbour who dropped of some sledding helmets for the kids, and they went everywhere with them. Played monopoly with them, they almost slept in them. LOL!

Staying up really late playing Rooke with my brothers. Real late, as late as we have ever stayed up! So much fun.

But now:

All four of my Pumpkin pies have been eaten.
The leftovers have been eaten up.
The decorations are stored away for next year.
All the chocolate is gone:

My house is just about put back to normal, and for the most part I have recovered from the holidays. How about you? LOL

NOTE : None of these details would be recorded had I not had a DH who bought me a new camera. He said he actually noticed me taking less pictures this last year. That is why two are better than one. I honestly didn't realize. Oh!, I have so much to learn and I am having so much fun learning it.

Hope your new year is a blessed one filled with wonderful details for you to cherish and record.



Hilary Kanwischer said...

-27 ???? Where on the north pole do you live??? :) I'm coming for a visit!! I love, love, love the cold, for me the colder the better...guess I should'nt tell you it was almost 80 here today. Ugh!!! Hate it!! ;) Looks like you had a very Merry Christmas, your children are just beautiful and that chocolate reindeer looks right up my alley. Happy New Year!! :)

AaronB said...

I love all your decor. You have such a unique style!