Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wedding Card

I needed a Wedding card this week. So I made this one, using what I think are the Bride's colors based on the invitation. She uses my favorite color combinations, and it was a huge delight to put this together for them.
I was also delighted to see Julia playing with text in a similar way too. You can see what she did here. I just love text, and to me there isn't any better text to use than God's word. So I used portions of 1 Corintians 13.

For any of you still checking in with my, please forgive my lack of posts lately. The Lord seems to have my blogging days limited for the time being, so I will endeavor to post when I can. I recieve no benefits from blogging other than the pure joy of sharing, and the connections that this makes. I certainly have been creating a lot, have more than a few photos in files just waiting to be shared with those who stop by. So when the Lord provides me with the time and energy to share I will.


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