Friday, September 21, 2007

Flat OUT!

Well, I guess I am a busy Momma. Got too busy for awhile, and then realized I hadn't seen or HEARD the little one in a while. �Thought I should go investigate. �And this is where I found him------FLAT OUT------- on the floor of all places. �Poor guy!! �He must have been too tired to make it to his bed, which was RIGHT there!!! �I can't believe he found the floor a comfortable place to sleep!! Yah it's carpeted, BUT!! ��I guess these little ones will really sleep anywhere!! �So I scooped him up and put him in bed--- that's better. �Now I've been a good mom!!!LOL!!! �He's too precious!!!



JOY said...

Love the way you recorded this moment. I really like the addition of the red heart and the subtle way that they laying down exclamation point reinforces the story!

Pammie said...

Sonja I found my older son sleeping ON THE STAIRS one day! I just left him there until he woke up! LOL Hey he was comfy! Love the cards on your blog

Sonja said...

That's funny Pam!
Honnored to have a little visit from Pammie Wammie!!!!