Monday, September 24, 2007

What makes me HAPPY

What makes me HAPPY!!!

1.Chocolate, the more the merrier,LOL!!  But give me real chocolate, not candy bars. BLAH!
2.When my DH brings his computer downstairs into my room and plays his game while I craft away--"Just so he can be with me!!"" {Love Him!!!}
3. When I get time to play and get something out of my brain that I have had bottled up for quit sometime. TOO many ideas and not enough time!!! This was one of those times. �Last night I got to copy an image out of the new IKEA catalog and make some more of my own Background paper. I am sure I will use this in many more ways and many more colors. �
4. Sharing my creations!!!

All supplies are Close to My Heart with the exception of the Button and the ribbon.


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