Saturday, November 28, 2009


They are everywhere, and they are all so adorable and oozing in cuteness! And they make quiet the theme for any event you have planned. I have seem them used for Father's Day, Baby showers, weddings,,,, and the list goes on and on. So while planning an event in this neck of the woods (snicker), I made a little owl ensemble, and then decided they were cute enough to make one for ourselves to keep. The event has come and gone, but mine are still sitting on my mantle, waiting to be replaced with Christmas decorations. It is a reminder to myself, to be a 'Wise' mother as God has outlined in His word. I have the kids looking up verses from day to day too, and recording them in a special book.
I took two patterns I found and combined them to make my own. You can find them here and here. Just note, I did not follow this pattern very closely at all. I also took some inspiration from here

Here's some pictures of the one I gave away;

Here's the one I made for our family:

I had a 'hoot!' (sorry, couldn't resist,lol) making these!

(For you regular lookers, I am on the mend now after being sick for tooo long. So hopefully I can post more than once a month,lol!!


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mE said...

Hi Sonja!

These owls are amazing! I love their whimsical feel and think I just might have to make some!

Thanks for sharing this!

Hope all is well!

~Inky Smiles