Thursday, October 18, 2007

Getting Ready

I am patiently waiting for DH ( who's incredibly busy)to get the time to paint my new craft room. Which is done in his spare time. (Who came up with this, so called "Spare time" anyway??LOL) But while I am waiting, I figured I had a lot of organizing to do, LOL. So I have started with my ribbon. I have seen a lot of ribbon storage ideas. THis one seemed to suit my style, and my needs. So I went with it. I really don't remember where I saw this, but I really liked it. I cut up really good cardboard boxes and then covered them in craft paper. Boy, was that time consumming!!!!! I either taped the ends, or used little mini safety pins I picked up at the Dollar Store. Works great!! I have two of these white metal baskets, and I only filled one. Should I buy more ribbon??? LOL! I just love looking at all the colors. Should give me lots of inspiration don't you think?


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