Thursday, October 4, 2007


I once lived in Texas and have very fond memories of my life lived there. I was young, so life was good. �I remember our neighbour who, when his grandson would come to visit, we would ride his quad and dirt bike out back behind the house. �There was a large treed area out behind the house that we could get lost in for hours. It probably wasn't as big as I remembered it. But in my childhood mind it was big! �I remember walking home from school. I remember snow cone day at school. I remember Six Flags and their 12 foot hot dogs. �I remember the park with the pond, where we would feed the ducks and watch people fish. �I remember the Christmas where my Grandmother paid for me to have my ears pierced. I remember the star that my Grandfather made out of tin foil for our tree. �We used it for years! �I remember so much. But still my one of my favorite memories was of the friendship that I mad with C.H. When it came time for me to move, we made one last stop of Braun's Ice Cream Store, ( remember VERN! LOL). �We then wrote letters for a long while after. �Then, somehow, time expanded and we lost touch. �Ten years later our youth group was going to a conference in the city where I lived. So I decided to look her up and give her a call. �So it was that we sat down to a dinner and caught each other up to speed, and drove through the old neighborhood. A few more years passed. �I couldn't seem to get a hold of her again. It seemed I had lost contact with her. �Than came this contest I had entered. I needed to find some pictures to scrap �with what I was suppose to use. �I was drawing a blank. �Then I remembered my trip down to Texas and the pictures I had of the two of us. �So I got started. But I was still s little curious of where she was and what she was doing. �Someone I know suggested a few things to try and find her. So I started looking around. �It wasn't long before I was able to connect a few dots together. �I found a number. �I decided, what have I got to loose!? If it was the wrong number, than so what, right? �Well, she answered the phone!!!!! I was amazed that I was able to recognize her voice right away. �It was �a good long talk and a later one than I should have dared, had I been more careful of the time difference. �It was a real treat to receive updated pictures of her and her family. It was a blessing beyond measure to see how the Lord works and directs our lives and how much we fundamentally have in common. �It was also a blessing that I wasn't anticipating to reconnect with her. �And now I have �a memory dear to my scrapped!!

Hope you enjoyed my little story!!


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