Monday, December 10, 2007

True Friends are a Gift from the Lord. I am blessed!!!

I am at least twice blessed!!!
Well, as Christmas is approaching very rapidly, I am busy as a bee preparing. Also trying to get the last of the children's studies in.(We homeschool) But today's post is about two friends the Lord has blessed me with. Great testimonies and a great source of encouragement for me. Since I joined Close to My Heart, I was surprised to meet up again with a friend I knew at a church I used to attend. It's an amazing story really. Trish has become a great friend, with lost in common. Most importantly our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. We also share a paper crafting passion, which is how me met on the CTMH boards. It is NOT by chance that we have been reintroduced to each other. We have been talking alot on the phone. And at the end of November she made her way down here for a lovely visit. I would love to have her come down again, not because she spoiled me (thanks again Trish!!), but because she is a delight to my soul.
There's another friend who has been a delight to my soul for the last 8 years. She is appropriately named Grace. Let's just say there is a lot of memories one collects over eight years!!!! One of them being every year we have gotten to celebrate the birthdays of our boys who are 9 days apart since birth. But the Lord has moved their family on. I would be lying to say I was happy/ecstatic to see them go. But I know when and where the Lord leads, you follow. I have done this before not that long ago in fact. And the older I get the more I realize my best friend is with my all the time. A young girl thinks she needs a "BEST" friend. But how vain is that. I have so much growing up to do. It's not to say that friends aren't needed. But I am called to "be" on first. I don't usually set out to share so much on this blog of personal thoughts! This blog is more about sharing my creation with others who might appreciate it, even use it. My creations, as you have seen, usually have a purpose, with someone in mind to receive them. This time I share with you another card box that I made for Grace as a going away gift. I love picking up these boxes and recovering them to make them more personal. Her favorite color is red. I thought this paper and style of box went well enough together. I made a few dividers for the inside and a couple of pens. It's a good ensemble!!?? And let's not forget, a matching card that has all that sappy stuff that girls write down and then cry over,LOL!!!!


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