Thursday, March 6, 2008

Around here........

things are never dull with four lively children!! LOL. (if you didn't know, we homeschool). I have one son who loves quiet, well, at least when he's doing his school work. With a younger 4yr old, not in school, he is allowed to play (as quiet as I can get him) while the rest of us do school. My four year old does fabulously well though for having to "stay put" and do his best to keep quiet. So my son decides that it is still too loud. He left the room briefly, and when he came back he had these on.........

Hey!! A boys gotta do what a boys gotta due!!! LOL

I give him credit though. He solved the noise problem well. Now, if he could only hear ME!!LOL



Jenn said...

OMG! That is too, too funny! My oldest is just like that too, she's even been bad enough to complain that her little brother is breathing too loud next to her at the school table! What?! Gotta love the kiddos though, they are so funny!

Love the pictures!


Trish said...

That is HILARIOUS!!!