Monday, March 17, 2008

It's been a SWEET night!!

What a beautiful day, and a sweet night. Kids broke out the construction paper, scissors and markers. Used some of my CTMH boxes and made themselves cars. So while they were playing and getting along very well, I decided to finish the project I had started yesterday afternoon.
I decided to make a little gift pack of 20 or so cards for someone really special. I know she will be in need of some "thank you" cards in mass quantities. And even though 20 doesn't sound like much. Any papercrafter will tell you otherwise. Yet somehow it still seems like so little.
So I started yesterday afternoon in between church services,and just finished them up. (of course in between that I slept, ate, vacuumed, schooled the kids, put them to bed etc..... So don't think it took me THAT long to make them,LOL)
I was a wonderful time with my DD "B" who helped me. Even my son thought it was really cool to watch my score down my black paper in my cutter. SO much so that he wanted to try when I was done, and was thrilled beyond belief when I gave him my scraps!! It takes so little to make them happy sometimes. Tonight it was cardboard boxes and scraps!! So it was a sweet night!! I love night like that.
Last night was really sweet too!!! I was treated out to a wonderful dinner with Trish (she's bookmarked on the side there). What a blessing a true friend from the Lord is!!! It refresh your very soul.
So here's the little pack of cards I did. All products are Close to my Heart, with the exception of the little flower.
Wishing you a sweet night too!!


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Trish said...

I had a great time, too, Sonja! What a blessing we were able to get together while I was in town. Hopefully we'll be able to do that again soon!!!