Sunday, March 30, 2008

TAGGED!!! (by Jen)

So this is my first TAG. So here it goes!

This is what people want to know (I think?)

---Okay so the rules are...

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Fact #1
I am the oldest of four, and I am the only girl. Here's the weird part, (don't really like that word, but..) I HAVE FOUR CHILDREN myself. Oldest is a girl, then three boys. I remember being told by my brothers when we were expecting any day to meet our fourth child, that if it wasn't a boy, well, we got it wrong! They were having such a fun time with that. They are great uncle's!!!
Fact #2 (we'll see how far I can get?)
I went to Africa when I was 16 for almost 7 weeks. Was proposed to even before I left the airport! What 16 year old gets proposed to? Then twice more before the trip was over. First two weren't really serious, but the third one kind of scared me a little!!
Fact #3
My birthday is on SEPTEMBER 11.
Fact #4
I LOVE my MOTHER IN LAW!!! I wish that were more common.
Fact #5
I miss our little MR2!! I have always told my DH that I loved driving that car just as much as he did. We took that little car for a little two week drive. It was so much fun. And he let me drive as much as he could, it's torcher for him to sit in the other seat. I drove that car for almost three years, every day to work. I loved everyminute of it. When we found out we were expecting our first, life changed. Happy to do it, but it was only a two seater, so where are you suppose to put a car seat? This car sat, and sat, and sat, and sat, until my DH finally sold it to someone who would have the same love for it. I was just as sad to see it go. Here's one of the layouts I did (long time ago, as you can probably tell). But was such a fun car, that's all I can say. We've even talked about renting one, taking it for another little road trip?

Fact #6
There's something about elephants!! Once when my DH and I were dating, a friend (who was a really joker) asked me to mouth the words "elephant shoes" to my DH from across the room. (note: I'm real gullable sometimes) So I did. Found out it looks likes "I love you" when you do that. ( You might already know this, but remember this was some 10+ years ago! LOL Anywho, it kinda stuck for us. Infact the card that my husband used to propose had two elephants on it. (so romantic, right? YUP!!!) So here's the "weird" part, (remember, I don't really like the word "weird"). First day of being married, we were driving out of town, headed down to Waterton National Park. (It's so beautiful there!!! We were there in May, and it was like a Ghost town, only newly married couple there. Got realy treated well. Anywho...) As we were leaving the city, this newly married, blissful couple, were enjoying being together and heading somewhere. As most passengers do, you look out at the scenery around you. As I looked up into the clouds, I could see what appeared to be the shape of an elephant. And just to make sure it wasn't my giddy, emotional self, I ask my DH to take a look. He too could make it out. I still remember that, and how something so little could be so comforting at the same time. Coming from a broken home, I am sure my Heavenly Father knew there would be storms ahead, and gave this little sign to me as a reminder. It has remained a blessing to me still. I should also mention that because of the endearment that elephants have had to us, I found some stuffed ones before we got married. My wonderful mother-in-law helped take the scraps from my wedding dress and make one for the little elephant couple. Everyone thoght it strange at the wedding. We never really explained it to everyone. But we knew they were there. And guess what......I scrapped them too. And they are up in our bedroom closet still to this day.

And here we are with Fact #7 (and I didn't think I could do it,HA!)


Oh, how about when I was pregnant with my first, my DD kicked my so hard that my DH felt it on his side of the bed!!! It was amazing!! She was active in, and is still just as active out!! (not really a surprise, considering that the scripture says, He forms us in the womb) But that was a moment that stand out!

So there you have it.
And I don't know why spell check isn't co-operating. Just as well. I got one more thing to share before the night is over.


I am tagging Trish!

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Trish said...

My facts are up on my blog. That was actually quite fun to do! {Too bad I was limited to 7.}

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