Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's a wonder....

that I even get to blog as much as I have. So I hope you will pardon me when I seem to get so busy that,well, something has to give! LOL. I have been busy (multi) party planning, getting ready to finish up another homeschooling year. Just met with our facilitator yesterday! WHEW! Getting ready for the next year (shopping, more shopping, and researching. It was also our anniversary this month. BIG 12. Well, ok. maybe not so big in the grand scheme of things, but a wow, still. I need not bore you with how busy we are, chances are you are just as busy yourself, right? If we get a chance to blog, it's to check out all the action, get inspired and create something. I wish I could play a little tonight. But tonight has a list of things to do that will fill the evening quiet well. So here's a little bit of an oldy.
Do you scraplift? I think we all do at some point. Let's face it, when a design works, you got the pictures, and don't have the time. It's a perfect fit. I like the satisfaction that creating something myself brings, but before I get too excited, chances are that someone else has already done the samething. You know that old saying, "Great minds thing alike!". It's true in the scrapworld too. So here is one of my scraplifts last year. This was our anniversary page I made last year of a little trip My DH and I managed to take last year.
And since I am being such a terrible blogger, I might as well add to the fact that I don't even have the reference as to who I scraplifted it from. I know it was a magazine, I want to say "Paper Trends", but I am not sure. If you have the magazine and can recall it for me, that would be great. Let me know, I would love to give them the credit as it does not belong to me.

The quote around the side of the layout says,"What's the earth with all it's art, verse, music worth - compare with love, found, gained and kept. Robert Browning

Have a great night.

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Syrophenician Woman said...

YEAH!!! Glad to see you found your computer amongst your busy-ness. I have been checking here often to see what you've been up to; glad to know you're keeping out of trouble {LOL!}.

Please post some more of your artwork soon ... I miss it!!!