Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stamping my Heart OUT!!!

So with Mother's day coming up, I have been stamping my heart out. Been stamping with some of my new goodies from Cornish Heritage Farms. Ya know it all started with buying a few Thomas Kinkade images so I could make some nice gifts for my wonderful Mother-in-law. Turns out I am loving more than just the TK images. I started stamping with acrylics, never had even touched rubber. But who doesn't love quality stuff right? So I have fallen deep. Deep into CHF. I am loving their backgrounders, and well.... see for yourself!!

They'll be more, if I can get some more time tomorrow night. So stay tuned! LOL
Have a good night, if you have any left. Mine's DONE!!

1 comment:

Julia Stainton said...

These are all stunning! Beautiful designs! SO glad you're enjoying CHF!