Sunday, June 15, 2008

Digital Dilema

OH, I have such a big digital dilemma every time I go to do a page now. I love how far our technology has come, on the other hand, when I have sooooooooo many shots of an even it can be hard to narrow it down. Case in point- My daughter just had her birthday, so we got her a new bike. I don't know how many shots I took, but I had a lot that I especially liked, and it was difficult to choose. So I printed all that I really liked and was determined to get them all on a two page layout. There are times when I like to be careful how much of the photo I crop off. I like to zoom in a lot, but that leaves you no cropping options. And with this particular layout, I wanted my children to remember what the street looked like when they look back. Those are important things to remember.
I have had this layout sitting on my table for a little while. Just wanted to get it done. I thought I might do something to the chipboard letters, then thought,"they're fine white". Love that about the chipboard from Close to My Heart.
So I glued it down. I was going to print off my journaling, then looked over at my tags that I used last night, and said, "that will work!". Used my "Spot on Backgrounds" from Close to My Heart for my journaling lines, and tucked it behind the picture to pull out. Voila!! (like I created anything magical,LOL!!)
There are a few reasons why I chose the pictures I did. I love how this is really such a big bike for my youngest. I really wanted to remember how he is sitting on the seat and learning to balance. I love the two shots of D and E pushing their shoulders down and assuming the "really fast" position. That gets me. Of course the one of all four of them is so cute! I wanted a picture of them first getting onto their new bikes, and I even love how (this wasn't planned) I am in the layout. And as you scrapbookers know. That doesn't happen very often as we are the ones holding the camera. But I am in there, even if in shadows,LOL.

Have a scrappy week!!

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