Monday, June 16, 2008

Sorry artwork until this little lady gets better.

For the small amount of people that actually read my blog.....I'm sick. I thought it was just alittle dizzy spell this afternoon, but after a little medicinal help, along with a little nap. I feel no recharge. I have a little headache along with some aches, pains and chills, and probably a slight fever. I'll spare you the rest. LOL.
It seems I have been a little too busy lately. Too busy to get onto the bulletin boards, or read other blogs. I am thrilled if I can keep this blog of mine up. So to my delight tonight, I came across this from Pammie (note to self: update my blogging list). She has nomminated me for an award called the Art de Pico.

Thing is, I don't know what to say. No big head here, I just know how much inpiration can flow from her too. There are some real talented crafters out there. I would love to actually meet some of them. Like Julia, and Korin, yes Pam too. To sit and chat with them would be amazing I think. Not just because they are crafters, but because of their faith too. I would love to hear their testamonies.
So if they will take it, I will pass the award onto Julia Stainton, and Korin Sutherland.

I'm going to go crawl back under my covers,


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Mare said...

Awwww Sonjia! What a nice tribute and thanks to Pam! In my opinion, you are well deserved of the award! I hope you feel better soon! I miss seeing your work because you are an inspiration to so many, yourself!