Friday, June 6, 2008

What I have been up to this evening......

another card, for another special occasion. I am anticipating that some people close to us will be able to bring home their new little one after a little detour. The baby was premature. Has been in the hospital for quiet awhile now, had one operation, and we hope that all is good now for this little guy to finally come home. This little one has done well, all things considered, and it is God who receives all the glory for that. So with hopefully his homecoming this next week, Lord willing, I NEEDED to make a very special card.
(The card uses a full 12x12, but folds up to make a nice 4x4 card.)
I have inked up the paisley background alot from Cornish Heritage Farms. I love the size of them, and the detail. One of the other stamps of mine that has seen a lot of ink these days is, "Make It Count" from Close to My Heart. I love this set. I love the fact that I can stamp the 'hands' to make the clock read whatever time I want. In my last post, I made the clock stamp (about) the time it was when I was washing dishes and snapping the picture, moments before heading out the door. I was at first a little worried about the "hands" being small, but I have quickly come to appreciate the flexibility and what it adds to the art. Thanks ever so much for stopping in again.


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